Implement adding/editing of calendars/sources on the project page


Original review from Paul Preibisch on 2019-01-18:
This is a great little addon. I installed it for my project and another project. You can create many calendars, including project specific calendars. I like that I can add many different event sources, including ical files, jira issues etc. One thing that is a bit confusing however, is that the calendar icon in the sidebar when viewing the system dash bar leads you to a different calendar when viewing a project. It took me a while to figure out how to add event sources for a project calendar. To do so, I had to go back to the system dashboard, click on the calendar icon, and create a project specific calendar and add event sources. THEN, when I went back to the project, and clicked on the calendar icon, I could see the events. Its a bit weird why you cant simply add the project specific calendar right from the project page. It would be better if each calendar icon, no mater where it is being clicked from, led the user to the same place - otherwise, the app seams like it is broken, unless you are an intuitive genius like myself.

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