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Tasks markers are shown to the left of the task in tasks grid. They visualize some of the task properties or issues. For your convenience, markers are described in tooltip that appears when you hover over a task. Currently, the following markers are available:

I complete - task progress is 100%

I unscheduled - task start date is not set. Tasks without start date are placed on today’s date, until start date is given explicitly. To set a start date, either move, or resize task, or double click to open task edit dialog and save changes.

I out of range - a chart configuration has chart start / end dates specified, and a task is outside this range. There are high chances that task bar is not visible on timeline. This might also mean that task dependencies (links) aren’t shown.


In case a task is underestimated it will be marked as such.

I underestimated - work exceeds the original estimate


❗ Deadline failed - a task has missed its deadline

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