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Migration to cloud limitations:

  • The JQL added to a chart configuration is migrated as a string
    Thus, a JQL added to a chart configuration might not work correctly, once Gantt Suite is migrated to Jira cloud. Example case: the JQL contains clauses with assignee.

  • The toolbar settings per user might not be migrated

Example case: a user has set the filters by assignee, issue type, and status.

  • Shared with a public charts can only be migrated to one cloud instance.
    Thus, before migration to production Jira Cloud, make sure you removed chart shares from test instances. In order to delete shared charts from test instances, please see the Revoking a shared chart section here Embedded chart

Currently, the next customization is not migrated to cloud:

  • The Team assignment configuration, including Gantt teams themselves

  • The User settings

  • The custom Views


Since the global app configuration is not migrated, please make sure to review/configure the next settings under App administration → Gantt Suite:

  • Gantt settings

  • Calendar(s)

  • Security

  • Links configuraitonconfiguration

  • Task progress

Additional notes:

  • The server migrates Gantt specific custom fields to cloud (those with "[Gantt]" text in them). The cloud also has such fields available. So, once migration to cloud is complete, cloud ends up with two sets of almost identical fields. The fields of server origin will have “(migrated)" added to them. You may want to delete the original cloud Gantt fields, and remove the "(migrated)" part from the migrated custom field names. Thus, you will have only the migrated server custom fields.

  • The migrated “Duration [Gantt]“ field becomes useless on cloud. So, please feel free to delete the field. There might be also “Duration [Gantt] (migrated)“ field, that can also be removed, after a successful migration to cloud.

  • Please make sure that the fields that were added to a chart configuration in server, such as start and/or end, and time tracking field, are added to the screens of migrated projects in order to prevent the errors. More information regarding chart configuration and screen updating in cloud here.

  • Once migrated to Cloud, please review the security schemes for the projects for the configured Impersonated view to work correctly.