Company Calendar for Jira v 4.1.x: User Settings and User Guided Tour

User settings

By clicking  "Settings" button, a user opens the sub-menu that offers the user two options to navigate to: User settings, User guided tour or Support.

"User Settings" tab  holds options for customizing the calendar appearance and adjusting date/time formats. These settings are applied on a per user basis so each user can redefine his/her settings. This is especially convenient when user has distributed teams that use different regional data/time preferences and have different work hours.

User guided tour

"User guided tour" tab  leads user to the guidelines on how to use the application. 

User guided tour contains such important sections as:

  • What's new (slideshow for the latest app features)
  • Calendar (guidelines on how to create calendar and Jira dates sources)
  • Custom sources (instructions on how to configure built-in sources: meetings, business trips, sick days, vacations and leaves. Also, user can find out how to add and configure custom-defined event types)
  • iCalendar export (slideshow how to export calendar to outer sources)
  • Events (slideshow that presents how to create events)
  • Planning mode (instructions how to switch to a planning mode)
  • Support (instructions how to reach BrizoIT team in case user has some questions, suggestions or bug to report)
  • Video (videos that present main app features, use cases and app in general)

Users can refer to app documentation (manual) by clicking 'Documentation' button.


After clicking Support tab , user is redirected to the Help Center where the next actions can be performed:

  •       Schedule a video call or ask for a demo
  •        Report a bug
  •     Suggest a new feature
  •    Ask for technical support
  •    Send billing or licensing questions
  •    Ask other questions or share suggestions