Event Sources tab

The calendar configuration contains event sources. The events are created based on existing event sources.

Short Overview

Jira dates sources

Jira dates sources are used to visualize Jira fields on a calendar, for given Jira issues. Jira dates sources can be configured either as a single date or a date range. For instance, to visualize the Jira field due date on a calendar, you would have to create a Jira dates source that is based on a single date: due date.

By having a Jira dates source configured for particular Jira field(s), you’ll be able to create Jira dates events. Thus, as in our example, by creating Jira dates events, you’ll be able to edit the filed due date for given Jira issues. Each created Jira dates event edits the Jira field(s) configured for the source. This data is stored in Jira database. The changes made to Jira fields, in Jira, are transparently displayed in Company Calendar Planner.

The reports can be configured and generated to show the Jira dates events for a given period, grouped by defined fields.

Jira sprints sources

The purpose of Jira sprints sources is to visualize the sprints in Jira for a given project.

Jira versions sources

As the source name implies, Jira versions sources are used to visualize the releases in Jira for a given project.

Custom sources

The custom sources (e.g. Meetings, Business trips, Vacations and leaves, etc. ) can be used for different kind of planning. Most common usage for custom sources is to plan the meetings, business trips, vacations and leaves, et. Created custom events are stored in Company Calendar Planner database.

The custom event can be created for a particular issue in Jira. For instance, on tomorrow’s team meeting, you plan to discuss a certain Jira issue. In addition, you can configure the Jira issue fields to be displayed for the custom events. Let’s say, you want to see the assignee, priority, due date and fix version for the issue you are planning to discuss.

The created planning events could be reflected on reports.

Custom-defined sources

The custom-defined sources come handy in case you want to plan the events that are unique to your team. Let’s say you want to plan the cleaning coffee machine events that wouldn’t require a project or issue but users.

Only Jira admin can create custom-defined event types. Once created, they can be added to a calendar.

iCalendar sources

All popular calendar-based apps (e.g. Google Calendar, Outlook, etc.) can export the events via iCalendar format.

The iCalendar sources visualize iCalendar internet based feeds or iCalendar files, in the Company Calendar Planner. This can be useful to compare some external events with the custom or Jira dates events.