The Configuration section of the app administration consists of multiple tabs, Date and time formats, Look and feel, Email notifications, Global settings and Insight integration.


Date and time formats & Look and feel

Both tabs, Date and time formats and Look and feel, allow an admin to configure the default settings for all new app users. The default settings can be overridden per user, in "User settings".


Note that the default All-Day Event Hours can be taken from Jira Time Tracking settings.


The Long Events Display means the display for the events that are either equal to all-day events or longer than them. Based on your preferences, you can adjust the display for long events either on a time grid or in the all-day section of a calendar.

By Default Event Minutes is meant the event’s duration in case it is based on a single date-time picker.


Email notifications

On Email notifications tab, an admin can enable the email notifications for Jira and custom based events.


For the email notifications to go into effect, once they are globally enabled by an admin, they have to be enabled on a source level.

Global options

On Global options tab, as admin, you can define who is going to be an event organizer for the events that are exported outside the Company Calendar Planner, the reporter, or the assignee.



Insight integration

Once the Insight integration is enabled by an admin, the app users will be available to configure the Insight fields for event display by adding the Insight fields to a source configuration. Please refer to Event Sources tab for more information.