Create and edit calendar export

You can share your Company calendar with the people who don't have access to your Jira. To do that you would have to create a calendar export.

On Export tab, click Add Export.

Provide the export's name and select the display options for source name, users, event description and issue links for the exported calendar. The, click Save.

Starting the app version 5.7.x, a user display can be configured for a calendar export.
As result, you may need to tick the new checkbox "Display users" for existing calendar exports to reach the desired outcome.
Please note that Jira users who have their email address set as private in their Jira profile will not be displayed on exported events. User display is affected by a medium you are using, Outlook, Google, etc.

Once a calendar export is created, you'll be able to share your calendar with the others by using a generated iCal URL , URL or HTML code.


If needed, the created calendar export can be edited or deleted: