Event Creation and Editing

In order to create an event based on a particular source, that source has to be enabled, on the left panel. Otherwise the source will not be visible for selection on the Create Event dialog. If no single source is enabled on the left panel, the user will not be able to create any event.


To create a new event, a user can just click on appropriate day, or drag a time slot in a calendar if time grid view is enabled in daily view or weekly view. As a result, the Create Event dialog is shown.

Events created via the app can be edited, deleted or copied. All three options are available on the event’s information dialog. Thus, a user just has to click the appropriate event and then click the Edit, Copy or Delete icon.


Introduced in the app version 6.1, the warning, information and error messages are displayed on the Create Event and Edit Event dialogs, for Jira dates events. The new messages inform users about the steps they need to take in order to save an event or to save changes made to an existing event.




The possible reasons that the field configured in Jira dates source configuration is missing from the Create/Edit Event dialog

  • the field is not added to the project screens “Create issue“ and / or “Edit Issue“

  • the field context has been configured to display the field only for certain project and / or issue type

  • the field security has been configured