Support Escalation for Data Center Licenses

We understand that you, as our client, want to feel confident when the issues arise they are going to be addresses quickly.
If you have data center license for one of our apps you are eligible for support escalation. Here is the procedure:
  • Visit Customer Support and check "This is valid data center license and the current issue has critical impact on our business" when submitting “Technical support”, “Licensing and billing questions” or “Bug” ticket

  • Send an email to and indicate that you want to escalate

When we get such request or email from you we:
  • Assign a person to work on evolved issue

  • Notify you that we’ve started working on your ticket and inform you how to keep track on its status

  • In case if it's our bug, start fixing it

  • In case of problems with data caused by our apps, create a program or SQL script that fixes the problem; help you with applying the fix and testing

  • Notify you that we’ve been working on the fix and when you should expect the fixed version

  • Keep you informed about the progress updates

  • In case of a bug, deliver the application to you, after the bug is fixed; assist you with installation

  • Contact you to confirm that the issue is resolved and our app works correctly