Q: Template is not available to users for generation

Template is not available to a user if:

  1. Template is disabled. Enable template on Templates list page via context menu that is location on the right side of template record.
  2. Template's Context is not set correctly. Each template has a context associated with, and will be available only in selected context. Context can be selected on template edit page. Currently, available context options are: 'Issue' and 'Issue List'. Template having context 'Issue' will not be available on issues search page, for example.
  3. Template permissions are not set, or set in a way that doesn't permit a user to use a template. Please see Template Permissions.

Q: Template is not visible to other users in Jira's top menu 'Templates'

Templates page will only show templates that are created by you, or those having "Can Edit" flag set in template permissions dialog.

Q: Date-time are invalid / Time is shifted

All date/time Jira values must be wrapped with one of these, in order to use correct time zone:

  • formatDateTime to display date and time, like 10/May/2019 10:05 AM
  • formatDate to display only date, like 10/May/2019

If not wrapped, time values will be displayed in incorrect Time Zone. Issue Details template provides a sample of formatDateTime usage https://brizoit.atlassian.net/wiki/x/AYC_Kw