Jira Fields

Field types and their properties

List<...>List of properties. Type is specified inside brackets, like List<String> or List<User>
IssueString issuekey;
Number id;
String summary;
String description;
Date created;
User assignee;
User creator;
User reporter;
List<Comment> comments;
List<Worklog> worklogs;
Progress progress;
Progress aggregateprogress;
String aggregatetimeestimate;
Number aggregatetimeestimateSeconds;
String aggregatetimeoriginalestimate;
Number aggregatetimeoriginalestimateSeconds;
String aggregatetimespent;
Number aggregatetimespentSeconds;
Date duedate;
String environment;
List<Version> fixVersions;
List<String> labels;
Date lastViewed;
Date resolutiondate;
String timeestimate;
Number timeestimateSeconds;
String timeoriginalestimate;
Number timeoriginalestimateSeconds;
String timespent;
Number timespentSeconds;
Date updated;
List<Version> versions;
Number workratio;
Project project;
IssueType issuetype;
NameId priority;
NameId resolution;
Status status;
UserString displayName;
String name;
String emailAddress;
String timeZone;
NameIdString id;
String name;
StatusString id;
String name;
StatusCategory statusCategory;
StatusCategoryNumber id;
String key;
String name;
String colorName;
VersionString id;
String name;
Boolean archived;
Boolean released;
Date releaseDate;
ProgressNumber progress;
Number total;
Number percent;
ProjectString id;
String name;
String key;
String projectTypeKey;
IssueTypeString name;
String id;
String description;
Boolean subtask;
Number avatarId;
WorklogString id;
String comment;
Date created;
Date updated;
Date started;
String timeSpent;
Number timeSpentSeconds;
User author;
User updateAuthor;
CommentString id;
String body;
Date created;
Date updated;
User author;
User updateAuthor;