DGJ: Generate reports based on worklogs

To generate reports based on worklogs:

  1. In Jira side menu, click Issues and filters → Search issues.

  2. Filter issues according to your requirements.

  3. At the top right corner of the screen, click Export button (see the screenshot below).

  4. The 'Report Generation' dialog will open.

  5. Select the template (1), and output file format (2). 

  6. Select a timeframe (3). Only those worklogs having Date Started matching the selected range will be included in the report.

  7. Select users and/or groups (4). It is allowed to select multiple users or groups, as well as combinations of them.

    : Fields (3) and (4) will only be accessible if you selected worklogs template from the drop down (1), e.g. where author of a template has set context to value 'Worklogs'.
  8. Click the Generate button.