Encrypted Content for Confluence Documentation Documentation




Encrypt your data to avoid unauthorized access. Make sure your data is securely protected!












Restrict access to your private data. To see the encrypted content a password is required. 










Having a password, you can easily decrypt the confidential content anytime. 











In addition, you can edit the content and change the access password.









  • Our application uses the Advanced Encryption Standard AES for encrypting your private data that provides strong protection. 

  • All data encryption takes place on your computer. The confidential information is not sent anywhere.

  • Only encrypted data is stored in a database.

  • Your password is not shared. So, nobody can get it and decrypt your data.

  • Only you and the people you’ve provided the password can see the decrypted content.

  • The easy and intuitive interface allows you to quickly and securely shield your confidential information.