Gantt Suite Overview

Gantt Suite is a Jira app for project visualization via Gantt chart. Provides tasks and resources planning.

Integration Points

Once installed, Gantt Suite menu will appear in Jira's Admin menu. This is company-wide configuration and default settings for new charts. For details, see Company-wide configuration.

Gantt menu item will appear in Jira's top menu for regular users. For details, see Working with a chart.


Gantt Suite provides two levels of configurations, company-wide configuration and chart configuration.

Company-wide configuration

Once app is installed, admin must specify company-wide app settings, setup default values for new charts, and configure Jira fields that are used by Gantt Suite. For details, see Company-wide configuration.

Chart configuration

Regular users can only configure their own charts, or some of those shared with them (if the relevant permissions are given to a user).  For details, see Configuring a chart.

Home page

Gantt Suite home page shows a list of charts created by you and shared with you.

Chart configuration

Chart configuration defines the items to include on a chart, worktime specific for the chart, as well as security and sharing.

Chart settings

Chart settings mostly define what data to include into a chart.


Here, you can define working and non-working days and hours.


Here, you, as a chart owner, can choose who can view or edit your chart.

As chart owner, you can also define how links on Gantt chart are to be mapped to Jira issue links.

For details, see Configuring a chart.

Gantt chart

Once you open a chart, the task list is displayed on the left, and resource workloads are displayed at the bottom. For details, see Working with a chart.