Jira admin can configure the global app permissions. In addition, each chart manager can define who can view and edit the chart.

Permissions for everyone makes a chart public, e.g. permissions aren’t checked at all and every user can see your chart.
Role based permissions restricts access to only those groups and users that are specified.

There are three hardcoded roles:

  1. Managers - can do everything chart owner can: update chart configuration, including permissions update, as well as update chart tasks. Chart managers can also share the chart with the public.

Chart owner is always a manager and can’t be removed from managers list.


  2. Editors - can edit tasks on a chart (move/resize tasks, change assignees, update task duration, etc.), but can’t edit current chart configuration.

  3. Viewers - can only view data on chart. Note: this doesn’t affect user's ability to update a task directly via Jira’s issue edit screen.