Gantt chart sharing with the public

To share the Gantt chart with the public click the Export button. Then, Share with the public.

By default, the exported chart has a Standard display which doesn’t include the customized columns and pre-set for the items under the Show menu such as Projects, Critical path, Today and release markers, etc.

You can change the display from Standard to Custom. As result, the exported chart will be presented the way a chart owner has configured it. The exported chart will include the customized columns and selected items under the Show menu.

No matter which chart display is configured for the export, the display for the Resources, Markers and Baselines can be configured independently, based on your needs and preferences. Simply, tick the corresponding checkbox to include the item to the exported chart.

At any time, the chart export can be edited or deleted if required.

The Gantt chart you’ve created can be shared with the public in the next ways: