Task progress tab

Jira time tracking

Most likely, the most common option to be used for a task progress is Jira time tracking.

The task progress, in such case, is calculated either by:

  • estimate

  • estimate and status

  • status

  • or, manual


Usually, a task progress is calculated as "time spent" / ("time spent" + "remaining estimate"). Meaning, a task becomes 100% complete if the remaining estimate is set to zero or is not defined. A task in status Done shows percent complete less than 100% if remaining time for the task is bigger than zero. Having remaining estimate on task means there is more work to it. We recommend having remaining estimate zero on completed tasks, as this may cause invalid calculation of remaining work in different reporting tools.

This common behavior can be overridden by applying the progress overrides.

Use case #1. Your company doesn't set zero as remaining estimate on Done tasks, so Done tasks are shown with progress less than 100%.
Solution: add an override for status Done and set 100 as percent value. All tasks in status Done will have 100% regardless time spent.

Use case #2. Your company doesn't use Jira's time tracking feature to log the time spent, or you just want to base progress value on issue status.
Solution: add overrides for multiple statuses, setting different progress value for each of them. For example, you could set "Not started" = 0, "In Progress" = 50, "Done" = 100, etc.

Please note that overridden task progress calculation doesn't apply to parent tasks. Parent tasks always have their progress calculated from children tasks.*

*- The exclusion is the case when a parent task has Manual mode.

To add an override, go to chart configuration and open Task progress tab. Then, select a status and insert the required percentage. Then, click Save.


Once the task progress overrides are added to the chart configuration, the values for Time Spent and Remaining Estimate on information window for the task will be overridden as well, taking into account the applied percentage.

Let’s go over an example case which involves the parent task, child task and sub-task to see how the added task progress overrides affect the chart.

Initially, with no overrides added, the parent task has 25% progress:

Let’s assume the chart owner has added the next overrides for the statuses To Do and In Progress that are used in this example:

If prior to adding the overrides, the child task had 0% progress, now it has 20% progress:


The progress for sub-task has changed from 75% to 30%, according to the overrides:

Please note that progress for the parent task wasn’t affected by the added overrides. Even though the parent task has status In Progress, its progress is always based on children tasks and is calculated by the formula "time spent" / ("time spent" + "remaining estimate").

So, as result of added overrides, the parent task progress has changed from 25% to 23%.

As mentioned before, once the overrides are added, the Time Spent and Remaining Estimate will be shown as overridden on info window for tasks. Please take this into account if tracking time in Jira.



Custom estimate field

Another option to be used for a task is progress is called Custom estimate field, and it comes handy in case a team s operating with such fields as Story point estimate or Story Points.


When it comes to a task progress calculation, similarly, as with the option Time tracking, it can be calculated either by:

  • estimate

  • estimate and status

  • status

  • or, manual



No time tracking

Did you know you can use Gantt chart with deactivated Jira time tracking? On tab Task progress, simply, select the option “No time tracking“.


The task progress, in such case, is calculated either by:

  • status

  • or, manual


Manual task progress calculation

The manual task progress calculation is accessible in all time tracking modes.

You would have to select a custom field with the type of Number field to be used in task progress calculation.



Once a manual task progress calculation is configured, the relevant field will be shown on edit task dialog.