Product Roadmap

You can see the Gantt Suite, feature-based, roadmap at high level below. Please note that the page is being continuously updated as we are adding more features based on requests from our customers.


  • provide more flexibility to managing the resource workload, taking into account that resources might have individual work schedule

  • add the possibility to highlight the important tasks and time periods, on a chart, by setting the milestones and sprint markers

  • improve the tooltips for the tasks on a chart by making them interactive

  • offer app users the option to do more enhanced task planning by adding the possibility to plan the task-successor with some delay in regards to its predecessor; also, the possibility to plan a successor task with acceptable advantage regarding its predecessor

  • provide the ability to create a draft planning, independent from Jira, so called, “What if“ scenario

  • implement the “Top-down” planning which would allow to set the dates for parent task independently from its task-children

  • present the ability to do planning for custom tasks, non-related to Jira issues

  • offer a quick access to Gantt Suite from Jira issue page

  • improve chart navigation by providing the ability to configure conditional colors for the tasks based on Jira fields


Did you know you can affect the roadmap of planned features by voting on development tickets?

So, how does this work:

  1. Log in to your Atlassian account

  2. Find the feature you are interested in

  3. Open a relevant development ticket and vote

That's it. We will take your votes into consideration, and will update our roadmap accordingly.

Planned feature

Development ticket



Planned feature

Development ticket



Resource calendars

v 2.0

August 2021

Working day in precision to a minute (etc. 8h 30m)


Interactive tooltips for resource workload

“Top-down” planning

v 2.1

September 2021

Parent update based on children

Left-side grid with a scroll bar

Team planning

v 2.2


October 2021




Highlighted constraint violations

Show/hide a chart

Resource display

Agile planning


November 2021

Story points

Sprint markers

Independent from Jira chart (“What if“ chart

v 2.4

December 2021

“Sync to Jira” button (sync dates and estimates of parent tasks (folders) to Jira)

Undo button

Custom tasks (not Jira issues)

v 2.5

January 2022

Chart zoom

Chart view

The access to Gantt chart from issue details page

v 2.6

February 2022

Split tasks

Conditional colors (user can configure conditional colors for the tasks based on Jira fields)

v 2.7

March 2022


v 2.8

April 2022


  • Not able to open the development ticket? Try to do it in a private browser window.

  • Not able to vote on a ticket? Switching to an old issue view might help.


Starting August, 2021, the Server and Data Center versions for Gant Suite for Jira will be paid versions.

The planned Server and Data Center pricing