Server and Data Center versions


November 16, 2023

New features:

Enhancements and bug fixes


July 18, 2023

Gantt Suite for Jira is now Marketplace Bug Bounty program participant!

New features:

Enhancements and bug fixes





October 28, 2022


New features:

  • The resource availability display

  • The resource assignment based on a custom field with the type of 'User picker'

  • The resource panel can be hidden from a chart display

  • The task deadline configuration

  • The "Task dependencies" dialog

  • Parent task can be planned independently from its children tasks, thanks to Manuel task mode

  • Quick task status change

  • Epic linking directly on a chart by a drag-and-drop


  • Chart loading speed improvement

  • The release markers are now shown to a user who is not granted an access to Gantt chart's project but sees the tasks from the projects thanks to Impersonated view

  • The app users can hide a timeline component if needed

  • The ability to convert a task to a milestone via right click on the task and vice versa

  • The milestone display at high level

  • The task deadline display

Bug fixes:

  • The task dependencies display in a chart exported to MS Project

  • The working and non-working days overrides used to be incorrectly applied in certain time zones



April 14, 2022



March 30, 2022

New features:




December 23, 2021

New features:



December 9, 2021

New features:

Bug fixes




November 24, 2021

New features:


Bug fixes:

  • Task dependencies are now displayed on a chart exported to MS Project, including created lag and lead



September 3, 2021

New features:


  • Improved, by being more informative, the Edit dialog, tabs in chart configuration and left-side table

Bug fixes



June 3, 2021


  • The charts are sorted in alphabetical order within each status, on Home page

Bug fixes:

  • A user was able to link tasks, on a chart, while not being granted a required permission "Link issues"

  • Task dependencies were not shown for a user, on a chart with configured impersonated view, in case the user wasn't granted "Browse project" permission

  • Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability (the issue was reported by Peter Lapp)




April 15, 2021


  • Improved comment display, in left-side columns

  • The possibility to apply the custom colors to non-working days and tasks on a chart




April 1, 2021

New features:

  • Customized chart export

  • The exported chart is displayed the way the chart export creator has configured it, assuming the "Custom" display is selected for the export

  • Tasks filtering by issue status

  • Task search results may or may not include the task-children, depending on user's preferences

  • Task grouping by a custom field, single group picker

  • App compatibility with mobile devices

Bug fixes:

  • In some cases, the original estimate used to change, after a task was resized

  • Release markers used to disappear on exported chart, after the chart was refreshed

  • Sorting was not saved if a task grouping was made based on a field that could have multiple values, Fixed versions, Components, Labels, etc.