Resource calendars

Did you know that a chart manager can add the resource calendars to a chart configuration.

To add a resource calendar to a chart configuration, first, open the Resources tab, in chart configuration.

Then, click the Add button, on the right.


Select a resource, and click the Create button.


Note that the about to be added resource calendar contains the working hours and overrides taken from the main chart calendar. These can be changed according to the resource work schedule requirements, and ,therefore, differ from the main work schedule.

For instance, in case you want to add a vacation time for the resource, click the field Override as non-business day. Then, select the start and end date of the planned vacation.


Once the date range is selected, click the Add button. Then, click Save button.


The vacation time will be shown underneath:


In case a single date has to be added as a non-working day for the selected resource, double click the same date on a calendar.

The important step is to click the Save button below. Without it, the resource calendar will not be created, and any changes made to a calendar will not be finalized.


To see the configured calendars, including the main chart calendar, click the field under the Calendar Scope.


The main chart calendar is, simply, called Chart.

To delete an existing resource calendar, select the resource calendar, first, in the Calendar Scope.


Then, click the Delete button.

Confirm the action by clicking the OK button.