Would you like to experiment with your Gantt chart but too worried to disrupt the data in Jira? To avoid any unnecessary changes to Jira, we have introduced the Scenarios mode.

Perhaps, you have overallocated resources or some unforeseen circumstances prevent your team from meeting the set deadlines. Simply create a scenario and adjust the chart to explore alternative ways of reaching your project goals. You can adjust the dates, duration, re-assign tasks to different resources, update deadlines or the amount of work to be done. You have full control of what changes you wish to save to Jira and when to do it. Create as many scenarios as you wish, and switch between the scenarios and Jira (Live) chart any time you need it.

To start, click Scenarios button. Then, click Create scenario (+).


Provide a scenario name and click Save.

If working with a scenario, you’ll see the Scenarios button highlighted in red.

To review the changes made in a given scenario, click drop-down next to scenario name. Then, click the Review changes button. If needed, save all or selected changes in Jira (Live) chart.



To see multiple changes in details, for a given task, simply, click > button next to the task.



Statuses and dependencies aren’t part of scenarios. This means all changes to links or statuses get saved directly to Jira and affect your live chart.