Gantt Suite for Jira v 4.0.x: Resources configuration

Defines working time and vacations.

Working days - select what week days are working days

Override as non-business day - marks a day or a date range as a non-business time. Double click a day, on a calendar, and click the Add button to configure a single day as a non-working day. In order to configure a date range as a non-working time, select the start and end days, on a calendar, and click the Add button.

Override as business day - a non-working day becomes a business day. Select a day and click Add button.

Working hours - specify working hours. Tasks will be split between days based on number of hours in a day.

Non-working days have grey background on chart:

To include the minutes to either start or end of a business day, tick the checkbox Includes minutes, and insert the time range for a workday. The length of the working day is calculated and shown in parenthesis to the right of the Working hours label.

Resource assignment option allows to select a Jira field used for task assignment (in task edit dialog) and resource workload calculation. By default, it is Assignee. If your company has a special custom field for resource assignment, then select the field here.

Resource panel checkbox lets you hide the resources panel on the chart. When unchecked, the toolbar Resources button and resources workload panel (below the chart) will be hidden in chart view. This option can be useful if your company doesn’t track resources workload.