Gantt Suite for Jira v 4.0.x: Look and Feel tab

Did you know you can color the tasks on Gantt chart based on certain conditions?

To create a condition, simply, select the filed, operator and value.

For instance, you want to highlight the tasks that are assigned to a particular resource in purple.


Or, you may want to color the tasks that aren't assigned in orange.


If needed, the created conditions can be edited or deleted.

To prioritize a condition over the others, simply, drag it to the top of the list and save the new order.


Multiple conditions in one color

Use Group field to combine multiple conditions into one. All conditions having the same group name become a group. The conditions within a group will be joined by operator AND, meaning the color will only be applied if all the group conditions are met.

Group follows these rules:

  • Group name can be any string, including special characters

  • All conditions of the same group have the same color

  • Changing a condition color automatically changes color of all other conditions in the group

  • Group can consist of one or more conditions

  • Changing or removing group name of a condition removes the condition from the group