Gantt Suite for Jira v 4.0.x: Gantt Chart custom views

Did you know you can create multiple custom Gantt chart views? This is an amazing feature that allows you to use different chart views interchangeable without the need to re-configure each view from a scratch all over again.

Each chart view saves:

  • Layout (left-side grid on/off, timeline on/off, resources on/off)

  • filters (like search, resources, issue types, statuses, sprints)

  • “Show” menu selections

  • Selected scale

  • Left-side grid settings (selected columns, column widths)

  • custom row height for selected tasks

  • timeline cell width settings

Once you are ready to create a view, simply, click the View button. Then, select Save as new view.


Once saved, the created view will be accessible in the drop-down menu of the View button.


Custom chart default view

You can now save any set of columns as the default view for a given chart by clicking the Save as chart default view option. There can only be one default view per chart. At the same time, each chart can have its own default view.

The chart default view can only be created by users who hold the Managers role in the chart. A chart manager can use any of their existing views as the chart default view, or create a new one for this purpose. The chart default view is the only global view that is accessible to all users who are granted the permission to view, edit or manage a specific chart.

Once a chart manager saves the chart default view, it can be applied by all users who have access to the chart by clicking Reset to default.

The chart default view can be updated by chart managers at any time by clicking Save as chart default view again.

Task grouping is not included into views.

Feel free to reset the chart view to a default one by a single click via Reset to default option.

To delete an existing view, simply, click the Delete view button next to the view.