Gantt Suite for Jira v 4.0.x: Setting task duration

A task duration can be set in the following ways:

  • Drag the left or right end of the task using mouse, and release when done.

  • Double click the task bar or task in leftside grid. This will open task edit dialog. Set desired duration and click Save.


Supported duration units are:

  • d for days

  • h for hours

  • m for minutes

The order of units is not important. So you can type 3d 2h 25m, or 2h 25m 2d

Any unit can be skipped. Example: 2d 15m, or just 3d

Unit values above the limit will be auto-corrected by the app. For instance, if you type 600m, it would be converted to 1d 2h (because 600m equals 10hrs).