Task filtering

The tasks displayed in Gantt chart can be filtered by creating and enabling filters on the Filter panel.


Screenshot 2024-05-15 at 15.48.15.png






Filters based on Gantt or Jira fields

To create a field-based filter, click on “+“ icon on the Filter panel.




Choose either Gantt or Jira field from the drop-down menu


Select an operator (“=“, “!=“, “empty“, “not empty“, “in“, etc.)


Type a value


Provide a filter name

For instance, you would like to see only the unassigned tasks in Gantt chart. In such case, you can create a filter based on Gantt field Resource. Note that you can use either operator “=“ or “empty“.

Resource = Unassigned or Resource is empty

Please see below.






Once a filter is created, it is enabled. The enabled filter is highlighted in blue as shown below.




Note that the Filter button is highlighted in blue in case there is at least one enabled filter. This is helpful if the Filter panel is hidden and the fact that there are enabled filters is not obvious.


To enable or disable a filter, simply, click on it, or use the filter’s drop-down menu.





Note that the filter’s drop-down menu offers the ability to edit or delete the filter.


Filter templates

The “+“ icon on the Filter panel offers quick access to filter templates such as Issue type (filter by issue type), Resource (filter by resource) and Status (filter by status).






To continue with earlier example when the requirement is to see only unassigned tasks, you can use the template Resource as shown below.









For instance, you want to see only the tasks that have missed their deadlines.






JQL filters

To create a JQL filter, simply, click the JQL button on the Filter panel.

To continue with our example, filtering tasks to see only those that are unassigned, you can create a JQL filter similar to the one shown below.*

  • - assuming that the resource assignment is configured based on field Assignee in chart configuration.






Provide a filter name


Provide a filter name

JQL query

Use Jira Query Language (JQL) to specify filter criteria

More about JQL: https://support.atlassian.com/jira-service-management-cloud/docs/use-advanced-search-with-jira-query-language-jql/






Filtered tasks display: field-based filter versus JQL filter

For instance, you would like to see only the tasks that are in status ‘In Progress’. In such case you can either create a field-based filter or JQL filter.









Both filters will filter the tasks by status 'In Progress' with the difference in display though.

In case the tasks are filtered by the field-based filter, the filtered tasks will be displayed with their parent tasks, no matter the filter criteria.













In case the tasks are filtered by the JQL filter, only the tasks in status ‘In Progress' will be shown without their parent or children tasks that don’t match the filter criteria.