Periods Locking

Use this page to enable the period locking on a calendar. This is a convenient way to introduce a disabling reports policy for locked periods. Users will still be able to add or edit work logs, using the standard Jira interface or Jira REST API.

The period locking comes handy in case you want to make past dates inaccessible, on a calendar, for work reporting.

For instance, in App administration > Periods locking, as an admin, you can select the Weekly option to lock the past dates on a weekly basis, every Sunday.

Meaning that a past week is locked on selected weekday, Sunday, in addition to all previous locked weeks. The locked period is colored in pale green, on a calendar, and the dates within it are not accessible. Thus, user will not be able to click a date within a locked period to create an event (worklog or planning). Please see below.

Please note that, as administrator, you can define the editors for period locking. Multiple groups and users can be set as editors. The period locking will not affect the editors, and they will be able to create and edit the events (worklogs and planning) for the locked periods.