Work Time Tracking Calendar Gadgets

Work Time Tracking Calendar comes with a full-scale Work Time Calendar gadget and two timesheets gadgets: Timesheets by Issue and Timesheets by User.

Simply search the required gadget by the name and add it to your dashboard.

Starting the app version v 7.0.x, app users can add a multifunctional Work Time Calendar gadget to a dashboard.

Once added, the Work Time Calendar gadget has to be configured by selecting the desired calendar(s) and calendar position.

Screenshot 2024-02-16 at 11.53.39.png


The gadget height can be either adjusted to its content or stay fixed.


Users can navigate through the calendar by switching between different modes, clicking the left and right arrows, clicking the dates or week numbers, or by using the calendar attached to the calendar header.


In addition, users can utilize the Timesheets by Issue and Timesheets by User gadgets by adding them to a dashboard.

Once configured, the Timesheets by User gadget might look similar to the one below:

Similarly, the configured Timesheets by Issue gadget might look as follows: