Planning Events

To create a planning event, first, make sure it is enabled, on the left panel. Then, click or drag on a calendar. 

In Create Event dialog, if not selected already, select the required source and fill in the mandatory fields and click Save.

You can create planning events for multiple users.

If needed you can edit, copy or delete the planning event. Also, you can create a worklog based on created planning event. Simply click on the planning event to see its information dialog with the action icons.

Please note that Create worklog icon will be disabled if there are no enabled worklog sources, on the left panel.

In case an event description contains a link it will be clickable should it be configured to be displayed on event’s information dialog.

For the planning events, make sure that a link is inserted in the format that is shown below in order for the link to be clickable.


Did you know there was a quick way to open Edit dialog for a planning event? To quickly start editing an event double click it. To save the changes you made click Ctrl + Enter. That’s it. It is that simple.