Migration from Server or Data Center to Cloud

Starting version 5.7.x, Work Time Tracking Calendar for Jira supports automatic migration from Jira Server/Data-Center to Jira Cloud as part of Jira Cloud Migration Assistant. Please check the documentation for Jira Cloud Migration Assistant.

Here is a sum-up of the steps to be taken to successfully migrate Work Time Tracking Calendar to Jira Cloud. Prior to migration, please study Atlassian documentation to make sure you understand the whole process.

1. Launch Jira Cloud instance.

2. Install Cloud version of Work Time Tracking Calendar for Jira on the launched instance.

2.1. Navigate to Apps → Work Time Calendar to verify that the app is installed. No need to create any calendars at this stage.

3. Login as admin to your Jira Server/Data-Center.

3.1. Update Work Time Tracking Calendar for Jira to the latest Server/Data-Center version.

3.2. Make sure you have the latest version of Jira Cloud Migration Assistant. If needed install or update it.

4. Run the migration according to the Atlassian documentation and select Work Time Tracking Calendar for Jira as an app that should be migrated.

Please note that there is no need to migrate BrizoIT Common Modules app.

5. The migration of Work Time Tracking Calendar data should not take more than 1 hour. This time does not include the time that is needed for Jira data migration and other apps migration. Check the migration details page to make sure that Work Time Tracking Calendar was migrated.

If the app migration status is either Failed or Running for more than 1 hour, please create a support ticket indicating your Jira Cloud URL and attaching the file migration-com.jiraworkcalendar.work-calendar.log from JIRA_HOME/log directory.

6. Please note that once the migration is complete, you may need to adjust the calendar permissions and ownerships to make sure that your Cloud users see the migrated calendars.

Migration to cloud limitations:

  • The sources based on custom filters are not migrated
    Currently, Jira Cloud Migration Assistant migrates only filters associated with the project boards. Custom filters are not migrated and. As result, the calendar sources configured based on the custom filters are not migrated. Please see migrated Jira data.

  • The conditional colors are not migrated
    Due to the technical complexity, conditional colors configured for sources are not migrated. We plan to support the conditional colors migration in one of the future app versions.

  • The users' settings are not migrated
    Personal user settings and report field configurations are not migrated.

Under App administration → Work Time Calendar please make sure to review/configure:

  • default user settings on the Configuration screen

  • settings on the Periods Locking screen

  • security restrictions on the Permissions screen