Recurrent events

In order to create recurrent events, a user shall set the desired recurrence on "Create Event" dialog.

The screen below shows the recurrence options a user can select from:


Besides the standard recurrences like weekly or monthly, for instance, a user can select the bi-weekly or custom recurrence. 

Once a custom recurrence is selected, a user can state the next settings such as repetition frequency, week day selection and the end of recurrence condition. 



The created recurrent events can be edited either by clicking the edit button, a double click, or by drag-and-drop action, copied and deleted.


A user cannot apply the recurrence rules to the events that are based on Worklogs source. 

When it comes to displaying the recurrent events on exported calendar, please note that recurrent events are expanded in a time zone of the calendar owner.

Therefore, users who have a time zone that differs from a time zone of the calendar owner may see a time shift when the time zone used for event expanding is switched between the standard and daylight saving times.