Company Calendar for Jira v 1.0.x: Overview

Main screen

Company Calendar screen looks like:

Most of the area is occupied by a calendar that shows events from configured sources.

Control elements

The screen-shot has labels for controls.

#1 Calendar switchers
Every calendar that current use has access too appears here as a button. Users can switch calendars by clicking the appropriate buttons.

#2 Refresh, Add and Edit buttons

  • The first one is "Refresh" and it purges the cache. Click it when you need to load events that were added outside of Company Calendar for Jira during the session with the add-on.
  • New calendars can be created by clicking "Add" button.
  • "Edit" opens current calendar configuration.

#3 Settings
Click "Settings" button to  define calendar settings and add/edit custom event types. Calendar settings are store on a per user basis.

#4 Event sources
Here are displayed all events sources associated with current calendar. The event sources are defined in "Calendar Configuration" dialog, Events tab. Sources can be hidden or shown by switching a toggle:

#5 Date navigation
Please use "<" and ">" buttons to scroll back and forward in time. "today" button quickly returns to the current date.

#6 View controls
"month, week, day" buttons switch period.  buttons switch between "Time View" and "List View" when the calendar is in a weekly or daily mode.

#7 Sidebar toggle
Left sidebar can be hidden to gain more space for the calendar.

Information dialog

Clicking on any event activates information dialog: