Gantt Suite for Jira v 4.0.x: Gantt Suite Overview

Gantt Suite is a Jira app for project visualization via Gantt chart. Provides tasks and resources planning.

Integration Points

Once installed, Gantt Suite menu will appear in Jira's Admin menu. This is company-wide configuration and default settings for new charts. For details, see Company-wide configuration.

Gantt menu item will appear in Jira's top menu for regular users. For details, see Working with a chart.


Gantt Suite provides two levels of configurations, company-wide configuration and chart configuration.

Company-wide configuration

Once app is installed, admin must specify company-wide app settings, setup default values for new charts, and configure Jira fields that are used by Gantt Suite. For details, see Company-wide configuration.

Chart configuration

Regular users can only configure their own charts, or some of those shared with them (if the relevant permissions are given to a user).  For details, see Configuring a chart.

Home page

Gantt Suite home page shows a list of charts created by you and shared with you.


Chart configuration

Chart configuration defines the items to include on a chart, work time specifics for the chart, as well as security and sharing.

Chart settings tab

Chart settings mostly define what data to include into a chart.

To be more precise, the Chart settings tab provides the ability to define the General information such as chart name, description and start/end dates, the Scheduling options such as type of Scheduling, project/project boards, JQL filter and scheduling mode, and the Task options such as start/end field, deadline field, duration calculation and mode.



Resources tab

Here, you can define the working and non-working days and hours for your team in general as per individual resource by adding and configuring the individual resource calendars.

In addition, as a chart manager, you’ll be able to configure the field for a resource assignment.

By default, standard Jira field Assignee is used for a resource assignment. Although, any custom field with the type of User picker (single user) can be used for a resource assignment.



If needed, the Resource panel can be hidden from Gantt chart display by unticking the Resource panel checkbox.

Starting the app version 3.0.x, the Gantt Suite teams are available.

In order to use a team assignment in Gantt chart, the field with the type of Short text (plain text only) has to be selected.


Then, the teams have to be created and associated with the Gantt chart. This can be done by clicking the button Teams.


More information regarding the team assignment can be found here: Team assignment.

Security tab

By default, created Gantt chart is public and accessible by all Jira users who are granted an access to the app.

As a chart manager, you can choose who can view or edit the chart by configuring the chart security roles.


As a chart manager, you can also define the types of task dependencies to be displayed on Gantt chart.



Task progress tab

Here, you can define the time tracking mode by selecting either Jira time tracking, custom estimate field or no time tracking option.


In addition, you’ll be able to select a way to calculate task progress.


Look and Feel tab

Starting the app version 3.0.x, the app users can create and apply the conditional colors to the tasks on a chart.


Extended settings tab

The tab provides the ability to define the additional chart settings such as


For more details, see Configuring a chart.

Gantt chart

Once you open a Gantt chart, the task list is displayed on the left, inside the Table (1), the tasks themselves are displayed in Timeline (2), and resource workload/availability is displayed at the bottom, on the Resource panel (3). For details, see Working with a chart.