Gantt Suite for Jira v 4.0.x: Creating a Gantt chart

To create a new Gantt chart click Create button on Home page.


This will open screen.


Gantt chart filtering

The Gantt home page offers a user the ability to filter the charts by:

  • status

  • chart name

  • chart ownership by current user (the “only mine“ checkbox)



To have a quick access to a chart, a user can copy a direct link to the chart, assuming he is granted the chart visibility permission.



Gantt chart coping

The app users can now copy an existing Gantt chart given that they are granted the global app permission “Chart creation“.


All chart configuration data is copied from an initial chart to a new one, including the resource calendars, team assignment, team association and conditional colors, with the only exception for the enabled Impersonated view, on Security tab.