Gantt Suite for Jira v 4.0.x: Known Issues and Limitations

Time zone settings recommendations

In order for Gantt Suite to work correctly the time zone set on user's PC has to match the time zone set in user's Jira profile.

In case, user has selected "Only you" for his/her time zone visibility, in Jira profile, the time zone set on user's PC has to match the default time zone set in Jira settings:

Administration > System > Default user time zone

Internet Explorer 11 is not supported

Gantt Suite is tested for compatibility with the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome

  • Firefox

  • Microsoft Edge

Explorer 11 is no more supported.

Task end time is rounded to closest working time

If task ends on weekend, and weekend is not marked as a business day, then task end time will be moved to the last working hour of a day that comes before the weekend. This is not a defect as it doesn't affect task duration in any way.

Sharing tasks between multiple charts

If a task is used in two or more charts, and the Task start field is set the same for those charts, then moving task in one chart will move the task on other charts.

In order to make tasks independent of other charts, make sure each chart has unique setting for Task start field Scope ).

The task duration is also shared between multiple charts. Gantt Suite saves duration into Jira's Time tracking field. So changing a task duration will result in this task duration being changed in all other charts. Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to change this behavior.

Chart loading for a chart that is configured with a scheduling mode by task end

We strongly recommend you to use the scheduling mode by task start as scheduling by task end may significantly slow down a chart generation.

If scheduling mode is set by task end, planning by whole days is strongly recommended. Planning in hours and minutes may lead to incorrect app behavior.

If scheduling mode by task start is not suitable for your business case, you may want to apply a JQL to a chart configuration in order to narrow the chart’s scope. Thus, improve a chart loading. Chart’s scope configuration is described in details here.

The example of JQL that is applied to a chart configuration is shown below: