Step 1: Create empty stub

In this step, we are going to create an empty entry function. We will use "_ujgCompletedIssues" for AMD module name. You can put anything you like but it should be unique between other instances of Universal Gadget for Jira gadget. Put "_ujgCompletedIssues" into "AMD module" field and use the same name as the first argument of define function in "JavaScript to run" editor. This step can look the following way:

define("_ujgCompletedIssues", [ "jquery" ], function($) {
  var MyGadget = function(API) {
  return MyGadget;

This is a stub JavaScript with AMD entry point that returns a function. The function is called by the plugin wrapper code and API object is passed as an argument. You can check API methods.

In step 3, we are going to add some code into the created JavaScript stub.