Work Time Tracking Calendar for Jira v 6.1.x: Timers

Timers functionality can be used for an automatic calculation of Time Spent.

Timers dialog

Timers dialog can be launched from the Jira menu if you have the Work Time Tracking Calendar open.

The Timers dialog shows the last 8 timers that belong to the current user. A timer can be in the next statuses: Active, Paused and Off.

Start timer, Pause timer and Clear timer buttons transfer a timer into an appropriate status. Clicking Report time button, displays Log Work dialog populated with the issue key, description and time.


When a new timer is started while there is an existing active timer, the active timer is paused. Once you log work based on an active timer, the timer stops.

In User settings, you can configure the Log Work per paused timer settings in accordance to your preferences. More information in User settings.

Timer panel

You can manage a Timer for a particular issue, on the issue details page:

To open the Timer panel, in the new issue view, you would have to click on Timer

You should see the following behavior, on issue detail page, if logging work using Work Time Calendar timer:

  • in case the timer was started prior to reporting work, the work’s start time is defined (it is equal to the time the timer was started at)

  • in case the timer wasn’t started prior to reporting work, the work’s start time is defined by Start Hours configured in User’s settings