Gantt Suite for Jira v 4.0.x: Security tab

Jira admin can configure the global app permissions. In addition, each chart manager can define the security roles for a given chart.

Permissions for everyone makes a chart public. Meaning that all Jira users who are granted the app visibility permission can see the chart.
Role based permissions restricts access to only those groups and/or users that are specified.

There are three chart security roles:

  1. Managers - can do everything a chart owner can: update chart configuration, including chart permissions update, as well as update chart tasks. Chart managers can also share a chart with the public and delete a chart if needed.

Chart owner is always a manager and can’t be removed from managers list.


2. Editors - can edit tasks on a chart (move/resize tasks, change assignees, update task duration, etc.), but can’t edit current chart configuration.

3. Viewers - can only view data on chart. Note: this doesn’t affect user's ability to update a task directly via Jira’s issue edit screen.