Company-wide configuration

Jira administrators have to specify the company-wide app settings, setup default values for new Gantt charts, and configure Jira fields that are used by Gantt Suite.

The app configuration is accessible from Administration → Apps → Gantt Suite → Configuration:



Gantt settings


Gantt settings that are defined in Gantt Suite configuration, are the default values for all new Gantt charts to be created.

Here, Jira administrator can select the default fields for the task start and/or task end, and the task deadlines.

Quick tip: By hovering over a label with a question mark, you can read more details regarding that particular setting. Please see an example below.




Here, Jira administrator can set the default values for new Gantt charts in regards to team’s work time.

Basically, the same configuration regular users will see when creating a Gantt chart. Jira users will be able to override the defaults if needed.

The resource assignment is not configured globally but on a chart level, on Resources tab of the chart configuration.


The values defined here by Jira administrator are the default values for all new Gantt charts.

Basically, the same configuration regular Jira users will see when creating a Gantt chart. If needed, the defaults can be overridden.

Starting app version 2.1.x, a direction can be defined for a configured link, either outward or inward. For instance, link Duplicate has inward direction is duplicated by and outward direction duplicates.


Task progress

Jira admins define a default Time tracking mode.



Extended settings

In addition, starting the app version 3.0.c, admins can define default extended chart settings such as Initial auto-scheduling, Default unit for resource workload, etc.





In addition to the app configuration, Jira admins configure the app permissions such as the app visibility, chart creation, screen field check and impersonated view.


App visibility

By default, all Jira users are granted permission to see "Gantt" in Jira top menu and access the app. Select specific groups in case you want to restrict the app access.


Chart creation

By default, all Jira users who are granted "App visibility" permission can create a Gantt chart. Select specific groups in case you want to limit the chart creation ability.


Screen field check (in Server/Data Center versions)

This settings was added to the app’s server version, starting v2.2.x.

By default, there is no verification if configured field is present on project's screens.
Therefore, a user might be able to set a value for a field that is configured for Gantt chart but is not present on Create/Edit issue screens of configured project.
Should you prefer to prevent such behavior, please make sure to check the checkbox 'Screen field check'.


Allow impersonated view

The expected behavior is that Jira user without a permission to access a project will not see its tasks on a chart. This setting lets chart creators to allow users with restricted access to see the project tasks on a chart in a read-only mode. In other words, it allows users with restricted access to see a chart the way chart owner does.

When this company-wide setting is turned on, and a chart creator also turned impersonation on, the app impersonates as chart creator for Jira issues and links loading. All other operations are NOT using impersonation.

User settings

Jira admin can define the default user setting for all new Gantt Suite users. If needed, they can be overridden by the app users, according to their business needs.