Chart URL

To share your Gantt chart with the public via URL please navigate to the Export button located at the top right corner and click it. Then, click “Share with the public“, as shown below:

In open dialog, click “Add Export”:

Then, provide a short description of the export you are about to create. If needed tick the checkboxes that stand for sharing the resources, markers, and baselines. Once you are ready to save the export, click “Save


If you don’t want to save the export click “Cancel the changes


Once the export is saved, the URL and HTML are generated:

Click the button to copy the URL to share the chart with others.



The copied URL can now be shared with others who don’t have access to your Jira or Gantt Suite application.


In case when Jira access is via VPN, only the people who are using VPN will be able to see a shared chart.