Worklog Sources

The worklog event source can be configured based on the project, Jira filter or JQL.

You can filter users for a source and set either current user, apply multiple users and groups, or select all users.

In addition, you can define what Jira issue fields you prefer to be displayed on the worklog event and its information dialog. "e"- stands for the event block display, and "i" stands for the information dialog display.

For instance, you would like to set priority display on worklog event block, and fixing version along with the original estimate to be displayed on information dialog of the worklog.

As result:


In case you would like to save some time when creating numerous worklogs, you might want to set Default Description to "As source name" or "As issue summary".

Please note that if a worklog is created based on planning event, the default description, if set for the worklog source, is omitted. Planning event summary and planning event description override it.


Starting version 5.6.x, users of Data Center and Server versions, are able to configure a worklog source for inactive users.

Inactive users are grayed out, on the left panel.


You can configure the conditional colors for the worklog events based on the Jira issue fields values.