Team assignment

Starting with the app version 3.0, a team assignment can be used when it comes to the resource management. Please use the instructions below to make a team assignment available in your Gantt chart.

First, open your chart configuration on Resources tab.


Then, select a field to store a team assignment.

Note that the Team assignment field has to be a custom field with the type of Short text (plain text only) in case you are working in cloud Jira or Text Field (single line) in case you are working in server Jira.

In cloud Jira, the field must be added to the screens of project(s) configured for Gantt chart.

A task can be assigned either to a resource, a team, or both. When a field is selected, the field "Team" will be available on the Edit task dialog.

Once a field to store a team assignment is selected, click Save.


Next, click the button Teams to start creating teams.



Then, click the Add Team button.


Next, provide a team name, check the Associate checkbox if needed, provide the team capacity in hours, and click Save.

Note that only the teams that are associated with the Gantt chart will be available for a team assignment for a given chart.


In the next step, you may want to define the team members. Simply, click the Team members button to start configuring a team membership.


One by one, select the team members and click Save.



For instance, there is an existing team named “Team 1“ and, in your chart, there are tasks assigned to “Team 1“. In case you change the name of the team “Team 1“ to, let’s say, “team 1“, the tasks, once assigned to the “Team 1“ won’t be automatically re-assigned to the “team 1“.

In case you have used only a resource assignment, prior to changing a name of associated team, there will be no issues, as the team with updated name will be picked up based on assigned resource.

Additional notes:

  • The team capacity is defined by a number of hours that is configured for the team on Manage teams dialog no matter how many team members are added to the team. The resource capacity does not affect the team capacity.

  • The Gantt Suite teams are not connected to the Jira teams or Advanced Roadmap teams. Currently, Atlassian is working on merging their teams together. We may use Jira teams in the future, once they finalize their vision and provide API to manage Jira teams.