Resources tab

The resource configuration set by an admin will be auto-populated on this tab. Although, a chart manager will be able to override the global defaults.

Here, you can define the work time for your team in general and as per individual resource by adding and configuring individual resource calendars.

The working and non-working overrides when being added or removed in one calendar can be easily added or removed from the rest calendars.

For instance, when adding a non-working day to the chart calendar, you can either add it to the chart calendar only or add it to all resource calendars as well, without the need to edit each resource calendar, one by one.


Screenshot 2024-05-16 at 14.53.25.png



Screenshot 2024-05-16 at 14.53.25.png


In case a particular override does not apply to a resource it can be removed from the resource calendar only.





In addition to work time, as a chart manager, you’ll be able to configure the field for resource assignment.

By default, standard Jira field Assignee is used for a resource assignment. Although, any custom field with the type of User picker (single user) can be used for a resource assignment.



If needed, the Resource panel can be hidden from Gantt chart display by unticking the Resource panel checkbox.


In order to use a team assignment in Gantt chart, the field with the type of Short text (plain text only) has to be selected.


Then, the teams have to be created and associated with the Gantt chart. This can be done by clicking the button Teams.


More information regarding the team assignment can be found here: Team assignment.