Company Calendar Overview

Introduced in the app version 7.0.x, dark theme is now available in the Company Calendar. The app inherits the theme set in Jira.

1. Calendars selector

Created calendars a user has access to will be shown here. For your convenience, the calendars are sorted in alphabetical order.

Multiple calendars can be selected at once by ticking their checkboxes.

2. Quick filters button

Issue-based events can be filtered by such fields as Assignee, Status, Issue Type, Priority and Reporter.

3. Main buttons

From left to right, Refresh calendar data, Calendar mode, Report mode, Add new calendar, Current calendar configuration, and User settings.

4. Navigation buttons

From left to right, previous calendar period, next calendar period, and today’s date.

5. Calendar header

The calendar header contains a drop-down calendar to allow quick navigation to the required date.

6. Calendar view

From left to right, Time grid view, Calendar view, List view, and Timeline view.

7. Calendar period, Weekends visibility and Detailed daily hours

Select the day, week, month or quarter calendar period. Configure weekends visibility. Display daily event hours by source.

8. Full-screen mode

Open a calendar in a full-screen mode.

9. Calendar

The created events will be shown here.

As of the app version 7.0.x, the week numbers are conveniently displayed at the top left corner of the day cell.

10. Total

The Total shows either total hours or total days for the events displayed in the current calendar period.

Daily total hours (days) are displayed on a calendar for each corresponding date.

If necessary, a user can disable the display of daily total hours (days) under the User settings.

The daily total hours (days) displayed in the top right corner of a day cell represent the first two enabled event sources on the left panel.

By hovering over the daily total hours (days), a user can see the total hours (days) of all events for a specific day as well as the sub-total for each event source which has any events based on it that day.

When the detailed view is disabled, a user can only see the total hours (days) of all events for a given day.

By hovering over the total hours (days) for a specific day, a user can still see the total hours (days) of all events taking place that day as well as the sub-total for each event source which has any events based on it that day.

11. Event hours / User hours

These buttons come in handy in case you have an event with multiple users. For instance, there is a planned one-hour meeting with 3 users to attend. Thus, the event hours will be 1h, and user hours will be 3h.

12. Planning mode

Open a planning mode.

13. Select all / Deselect all

Quickly select or deselect all sources or users. To select or deselect a particular source or user, simply, click on it.

14. Event sources / Users

Switch between sources and users.

Inactive users are greyed out, on the left panel, Users tab.


15. User information tooltip

Beginning the app version 7.0.x, a user info tooltip is displayed on hover over the user avatar on the event block, information dialog, and under the Users tab on the left panel.


The display of the user’s email and local time depends on the Jira Personal settings.

For your convenience, the tooltip features the View profile, Assigned issues and Reported issues links.